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Ska dance

How to Dance the Ska. December 26, 2014 haugustyn. We have seen the photographs of Ronnie Nasralla and Jeannette Phillips teaching us to dance the ska, step by step. These guides appeared on the back of various LPs, especially those by Byron Lee & the Dragonaires. But a dig through Daily Gleaner archives this week revealed that these dance.

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In 2015 the band began recording their debut full length album “DANCE CRAZEE”, which we are so proud to present to you at the start of 2016! “DANCE CRAZEE” features 11 cuts of classic British second wave 2-TONE ska, they have re-recorded the songs from their singles and have added killer versions of BILLY BRAGG’s “LEVI STUBB’S.

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But I have just discovered that the Japanese are really good at reggae and ska. So, let me share this Japanese reggae and ska (genre, good, genres, cover) - Music -Singers, bands, songs, rock, hip-hop, dance music, pop.

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Skanking is the style of dancing that goes along with ska music. It has remained popular among ska fans since the beginning, and it's a relatively easy dance to do. Basically, the legs do "the running man", bending the knees and running in place to the beat.

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Dance the SKA! Ok, time to honor my recently departed aunt with a more upbeat memory. A couple of years back, I found this old 45RPM record in a box of stuff at my aunt's house (with countless other old 45s, but none as cool looking as this). I asked her about it, and she didn't remember when she gotten it. She said I was welcome to have it if. Rocksteady to both a visual and musical documentary of the big shot's of the English 2-Tone movement of the late 1970s that has the exhaustive, high-energy performances exploding onto stage. Jump, shout, twist and crawl and dance to the tunes of Ska and its anthems of its rough riders and three-minute heroes captivated in the moment of a generation of England's concrete.

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